Spring into Season

Happy March!! We cannot wait for spring to arrive and we know one thing is for sure… when it comes to decorating your home in Edmonton, our long and dull winters give us great reason to brighten up our interior surroundings.

Whether it is a whole home renovation or just simple changes, we want to pass along a couple of design trends we think will be big for spring 2017.

Colour adds personality to any room – colour is such an influential part of determining mood. Add bright and fun colours into your space through painting or wallpapering an accent wall, bringing in toss cushions and a throw onto your sofa, switch out your bedding, or add in fun drapery panels into any room in the house. These items are all easy enough to switch out once you tire of them so don’t be afraid to go BOLD!

Lets dig deeper into colours;

marine blue
Accent wall painted in Benjamin Moore Marine Blue. Photo Credit: interiorsbycolor.com
  • Blue is always a favourite… it has been popular for the last few years and there is no indication of it fading out any time soon. Check out Benjamin Moore’s “Marine Blue” for some inspiration.
  • Of course greys continue to take first place when it comes to the neutral palette. Grey is so versatile you can virtually add any colour to it and it will compliment it perfectly.
  • Jewel toned greens have made a come back! Yes, that deep green you never imagined you would see again is baaaackkk. We have surprised ourselves and are actually embracing this rich, warm, and trendy colour. What we like about it… it inspires us to feel nature jewel tones greenby bringing the outside indoors through various shades of deep, fresh greens.
  • If you’re not feeling too fond about the deep, bold colours, try going a little softer with some pastels. Pastels are growing in popularity and will be a big go-to favourite this spring. Pastels are found in floral patterns of all sorts which makes it easily freshen up the look and feel of your space. Try a combination of pinks, turquoises, mint greens, and yellows to accomplish this new look.
  • As for adding in accent pieces to your space, don’t be hesitate to mix and match. By layering in different patterns, colours and textures in one room, you create warmth and interest. Think linens, velvets, patterned chintz together with silks and sheers.  The key to making this combination work is to make sure to incorporate a few tone-on-tone solids in to the mix and by using different proportions of patterns (ie. a small dot, with a large floral print, with a solid silk).


Lastly, have fun with it! Don’t second guess yourself, you are initially attracted to something for a reason so don’t overthink it… remember, decorating isn’t a science.

– Elysia with guest contributor Karen Visser

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4 thoughts on “Spring into Season

  1. These are some pretty good thoughts!! I personally love a simpler feature wall update to jazz up the decor !! and I shared a Modern Memphis feature wall on the blog as well as literally one hour grid feature wall !!


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