DIY: Damage-free string lights

There is something about string lights that gets me every. single. time. It doesn’t matter where they’re hung – patios, streets, balconies, rooftops – I instantly feel welcome (take that as you will…). Needless to say, I love the look of these lights; they add that next level of ambiance, whether it be for a party or just a living space, and they’re easy to put up!

My entrance way pre-lights.

My entrance way is a wooden alcove of sorts I guess you could call it, so I thought this was the perfect way to jazz up the space. However, and this is a big however, I didn’t want to damage the wood with hooks or nails. Solution: Command hooks!!! Brilliant.IMG_2147

Here’s a look at what you’ll need: Command hooks (I bought the ‘cord organization’ hooks), a tape measure, and outdoor lights (I bought mine from Chapters/Indigo for $40).

Now it’s time to begin.FullSizeRender 9

Step 1: Test the lights to make sure they all work.
Step 2: Determine your spacing.
Step 3: Place your hooks. If you’re using the same hooks I bought be sure to stick them so it ‘hooks’ the cord – you don’t want the cord falling out. I did this during the winter so I actually had to use a blow dryer to heat up the surface and the adhesive part of the hook, otherwise it just wouldn’t stick.
Step 4: Hang your lights!!

This project is super easy to do and can be quite inexpensive depending on how many lights you need and where you get them from. Michaels also has string lights (and a wide variety at that) and often has 50% off coupons! Here’s a look at the final product!

final lights.jpg

– Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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