Must Haves: Taxidermy

Okay, hold your horses… I don’t mean an actual animal head, I mean replica taxidermy that comes in a variety of colours: chrome, gold, white, black, pink… whatever your heart desires. Right now I am really hung up on this site called White Faux Taxidermy – it is beyond FAB! I think I’m a little obsessed actually. I found this site when I was searching for a white bison skull to put on my white wall for a tone-on-tone look. I love these heads because there is so much you can do with them: they are great additions to gallery walls or can be a stand alone piece!

Little Bob giving me his best impression of my bison skull.

Here are my top-five reasons why you should add faux taxidermy to your home:

  1. Adds interest. If you already have artwork but don’t want to overload the walls, a simple faux taxidermy head is a great way to fill wall space without competing with your existing artwork.
  2. Cost-effective decor. The beauty of this piece of decor is it’s not expensive – if you’re ready to change up your space, it can easily be painted/spray-painted without feeling guilty about it!
  3. They’re trendy as ever. Who doesn’t want to be trendy…. Need I say more?
  4. They’re unisex. If you’re partner is anything like my husband, they fear new home decor; I am often trying to get Marc on board with my new ideas. Faux taxidermy is a fun way to get your partner involved in the decorating process; there are so many options to choose from you shouldn’t have a problem agreeing on which animal to go with!
  5. There’s no wrong choice! I was drawn to the bison skull not because I’m dark and dead inside (though some may argue that by looking through my dark wardrobe), but because it brought a certain edgy-charm to my bright cheery space – I just felt it was right. In the end that’s what it’s all about when choosing your head… what suits your personality best? or, which one do you like the best? It’s simple – the choice is yours. An elephant with its trunk up means good luck, a unicorn could add a youthful majestic quality to your space, or maybe you’re like me and love the narwhal because he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (pictured below, middle).
A unicorn could add a youthful majestic quality to your space while an elephant with its trunk up means good luck.

Where can I buy my own? If you are looking for something very specific shopping online is probably your best bet. As I mentioned earlier, White Faux Taxidermy is your one stop shop. A warning to all our Canadian friends, this is an American site which means the exchange rate and shipping can be less than desirable. White Faux Taxidermy often has sales though, so be sure to keep checking back if you’re looking to save a buck. Tip: I bought my bison skull on Cyber Monday! I also saw a similar bison skull to mine at Bouclair Home!

condo frame copy
A HomeSense deer head inside an IKEA frame

One of my favourite go-to spots for trendy budget-conscience decor is HomeSense. What I love is their stock is forever changing so you’ll likely never find the same item twice. HomeSense often has faux taxidermy, but if you don’t like their selection today check back next week! I bought this piece (pictured to the right) there a couple of years ago for around $25.00. This picture was from a display I had in my condo. I no longer have chrome accents in my new house, so instead of buying a new one I am going to spray paint it gold (hello DIY project).


Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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