DIY: Graphic Toss Cushions

This week we have a fun, quick, and easy DIY project that will help jazz up any space – graphic toss cushions. This is an inexpensive project that gives you free reign to unleash your creativity without making anything too bold or over-the-top.

This style of toss cushion lends itself well to any picture, word, or saying. Naturally we selected a goat.. because, who doesn’t think a goat is adorable?! Especially our cute little goat that our lovely step-sister Kate recently designed for us!! We wanted to show off our new mascot, and what better way to do this than on a toss cushion?

For this project you will need the following  supplies:

Supply List:IMG_4871

  • 100% cotton cushion covers (we found ours at IKEA for $4.99 each)
  •  Iron-on/transfer paper to print your image on – I like the Lesley Riley TAP paper. The images that this paper creates is super durable, washes up nicely, and is easy to transfer on to your fabric. I bought mine from
  • Ink Jet printer – laser printers will not work
  • Hot iron
  • Cushion fillers – We found ours at IKEA for $8.00 each. I chose the down/feather fill because I have an obsession with karate-chopping all of my toss cushions so that they all have the perfect crease in the centre.
  • Fabric Pen – you may or may not need this depending on the texture of the fabric. If the fabric has a deeper texture you may need to fill in the crevices with a fabric pen. We used Stained by Sharpie from Staples.


    1. Remove Wrinkles – Press the cushion covers with a hot iron to take out all of the wrinkles. Once you add the image to the cushion, you will not be able to iron over top of the image as
      per the package instructions on the transfer paper, so you will want to make sure that your cushion cover is wrinkle-free before you begin.IMG_4875
    2. Scale Out Your Image – Determine the size that you would like your image to be and print out a trial copy on regular printer paper. This step is important – we all know the saying measure twice, cut once!51555800643__F2537E41-C600-4AD7-8758-14EB6B3004B3 (002)
    3. Print Image on Transfer Paper – Once you are happy with the size of your image, print it on transfer paper and cut out the image. Be sure to cut as closely to the edge of the image as possible. Another nice feature of the Lesley Riley TAP transfer paper is that you can draw on the paper with pencil crayons or markers, or you can print in colour as well. This paper will transfer any image in black or colour!
    4. Transfer the Image – Heat up your iron so it is piping hot! Determine the exact placement of your image and press the image on by moving your iron in a gentle back-and-forth movement. Slow and steady wins the race in this case. Make sure that you take your time on this step, you will know the paper is ready to be removed once it starts lifting up itself and is no longer sticking to the fabric. If the paIMG_4872per is still sticking to the fabric DO NOT force removal, continue pressing it onto the cushion with your hot iron.
    5. Cool Down – Remove the paper and let the fabric cool.
    6. Fill In Colour – This step is optional depending on the texture of the fabric. You may need to go over certain areas of the image with a fabric pen if the colour of the image hasn’t gone right to the base. Gently and carefully fill in any  areas that need a slight touch-up. I wanted to give the image a slightly-worn/vintage feel so I added in some darker sections among the lighter black colours to achieve this look.
    7. Stuff Cushions – Fill your cushions with the stuffers you purchased. I generally like to buy my stuffers/fillers a couple of inches larger than the cushion cover to allow for a nice full look!
    8. Enjoy – Place your new toss cushion on your bed, sofa, or chair. Give it a nice firm karate chop, and then step back and admire your work of art!

Until my next post, Elysia ❤

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