DIY: Centrepiece Flower Crowns

Summer has arrived!!! What better way to bring the outdoors in than with fresh florals on your table! This past weekend I hosted a Fathers Day brunch and wanted to do something a little more unique than plunking a couple of vases on my table and calling it a day. With a little creativity and 30 minutes of time, these DIY “flower crowns” materialized!

My colour theme for the decor was black and white (because its masculine.. and do dads really care about coloured decor?!). But for us females who attended the brunch, I wanted to add a bright hit of colour to the table to add a bit of interest to my party decor. This is where the flowers came into play.

If you are so lucky to have a green thumb and have beautiful flowers in your garden (unlike some people… ahem.. myself), then you can cut a few stems of flowers of different varieties. If your garden leaves more to be desired, a bundle from Safeway will do just fine! I purchased one bundle of mixed flowers and one bundle of baby’s breath. This was enough to make two good-sized crowns.

Below I will outline the steps taken to create these unique centrepieces:

Step 1: Spread out your florals to get an idea as to what kind of variety you arpicture5e working with.

Step 2: Bundle the flowers into two separate piles (one for each crown). Tip – I tried to make the bundles even in terms of colouring. For example, two purple flowers in each, 3 yellow flowers in each, 2 green flowers in each, etc.

Step 3: Cut your pipe cleaners into thirds so they are more manageable to wrap around the stems. There were no dark green colourd pipe cleaners, so I opted for the next best natural-looking option – brown. I purchased my pipe cleaners from Dollar Tree. They have great variety and only cost $1.25/package.

Step 4: Begin with a leafy stem. This will be the end of one crown so it will meet up nicer with the other end if you have leafs instead of a flower. Set a flower in the bed of the leafs and tie the stems together with a pipe cleaner.

Step 5: Cut the stem of the leafs and flower so that it is long enough to tie the next flower on to, but not too long that you can’t curve your crown.

Step: 6: Continue adding flowers and leafs down the train until you feel like you have enough length to wrap around your vase or lantern. In my case, I was wrapping the crowns around lanterns (purchased from Homesense).

Step 7: Fill in the blank areas with baby’s breath. You will not have enough flpicture4.jpgowers to make a super tight train (flower butted up against flower), so the baby’s breath will come in handy. Not only is it inexpensive ($4/bundle), but it fills the space perfectly, and smells lovely!

Step 8: When you feel like you have enough length in your train, tie the two ends together with a pipe cleaner.

Step 9: Transfer the crown to your table and place around a vase or lantern!

It really is a simple project. Even if you are floral-challenged like myself, this does not require a ton of skill or supplies, and it is a quick project!

Because the flowers aren’t being kept in water, I would recommend doing this craft right before your guests arrive to keep the flowers as fresh as possible. Once your guests leave, these flowers look great transferred into a short vase with water so you can continue to enjoy them for the next few days!


Until my next post ❤


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