DIY: Dessert Topper

This is one of the easiest (and cheapest!!) things you can make to jazz up a cake or other dessert and tie it in with your party theme. We all know and love flag banners used for party decor, so why not make one for your dessert!? For this project I made tapered flags, but you can also do this with two point flags. Being that it’s Canada 150 I thought I would make one to help celebrate our country’s milestone birthday so I naturally made mine red and white with silver glitter cardstock! If you’re looking for more DIY decor for your event, check out this post!

Here’s what you’ll need: Barbecue skewers, hot glue gun, double sided foam dots, paint, scissors, string, a marker and cardstock

Total completion time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Cut your skewer sticks shorter if need be and paint them if your colour theme calls for it. Leaving them the natural wood is a nice option too!

Step 2: Create your flag stencil. You will use this to trace and cut out your flags. Tip: be sure to make your flags big or small enough so they’re to scale of your dessert.

Step 3: Cut out your flags. I used zig zag scissors, but straight ones work just as great!

Step 4: Wrap string around the tops of your sticks and use your hot glue gun to stick down the loose end.

Step 5: Cut circles for your text, write your text and stick them onto your flags using the foam dots (the foam dots will raise up the text so it doesn’t look flat). You can use something to trace a perfect circle or you can just eyeball it. I find a less-than-perfect circle adds a little charm to the banner – but it’s your choice!

Step 6: Glue the flags onto the string. Before you do this, lay string across both sticks and loosely place your flags to space them out. Once you do this it’s now time to glue your string onto the backs of the sticks then glue the flags onto the string.


Enjoy! Like I said this is one of the easiest ways to jazz up your dessert and tie it in with your party theme!


Until my next post,

Jessica ❤

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