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Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.42.41 PMDiana Tidswell: blogger extraordinaire and interior design maven. Diana started her home and lifestyle blog 204 Park four years ago and hasn’t looked back. In fact, she’s recently expanded her brand with a new online venture, Kresswell Interiors, with fellow blogger Kristina Lynne. With 24-thousand followers and climbing, Diana is #YEG’s design guru and go-to gal, working on the latest commercial and residential projects and checking out the newest hot spots around town. Diana has a keen eye for interior design, and has given us a sneak peek of her home on Instagram and her blog, which only leaves us begging for more! What does the inside of her home look like? How can she keep such a beautiful home with such a busy schedule? Like we said, Diana does it all, and as we learned, does it well. Here is Inside Edmonton with 204 Park!

Little baby Herman doing what he does best: looking cute.

Walking into Diana’s home is like walking into the cover of Vogue Living. Everything has its place, everything is perfectly thought out – everything is beautiful. Diana lives with her boyfriend James in a new home in south Edmonton that they built together. White walls, white trim, walnut hardwood flooring and an open concept floorplan; a blank canvas that is any designer’s dream. Diana calls James a “minimalist”, while she thinks of herself as a “maximalist” with mid-century modern style. She jokes that she slowly has to introduce new pieces or design ideas to James before fully committing to them so she doesn’t ‘spook’ the minimalist (girl, you’re not alone on that one).

Entrance way:

As soon as you walk in her home her adorable little (and we mean little – 5.5 pounds to be exact) Chihuahua #HermieBooBoo is sure to greet you at the door in the beautiful bright entrance way. Right now Diana has a simple console table that is perfect for showcasing all of her thoughtful décor pieces. The fresh greenery, perfectly placed books, and sleek round accent mirror is her display-de-jour, but if you were to have visited her home anytime over the past year, it’s likely the entrance way would have looked much different.

“This is my fourth look I’ve had [since I moved in], but this is the favourite our front entryway has looked!”

Diana’s already planning her next look – a chandelier and wallpaper. “I would love to wallpaper that wall, but I need to break [James] down a little more,” she said laughing as James piped in before heading out for his workout. “That guy ruins everything!”

Living room:

Just steps into her home is the spacious living room. Her combination of textures, clean lines, and patterns give this space a very mid-century modern meets Scandinavian feel!

“Our living room is probably one of the spaces that changes the most frequently.”

Her mid-century modern furniture pairs perfectly with her bright and bold prints.

“If I could live in a 1960’s bungalow that would be my dreaaaaam! Every iconic design piece from that era is my jam, but I also love colour and pattern and change.”

The black leather Barcelona day bed was a must-have item from her “furniture bucket list”, but her mustard arm chairs are her favourite piece in her home, and they have a story, which, in our opinion, makes them that much more special!

“I am frickin’ obsessed with these chairs! They were such a good find and I love them so much!”

Here’s the story: Diana and James were looking at similar chairs but they were a pretty penny. A friend told Diana about similar looking ones that were posted by Maven & Grace on Instagram but for a fraction of the price (get it girl). Diana and James rushed out to pick them up at the store… “Meanwhile everyone on Instagram was commenting asking to hold them. We opened the door and said ‘we’re here for the chairs!’ The phone rang and the sales girl said [to the person on the line] ‘they actually just sold’. For the two chairs and the ottoman, it was $350!!”

In our books, that is a big win! The chairs have beautiful walnut wood arms and legs – an accent Diana keeps constant throughout her home.


IMG_7086 2

You will often find fresh flowers on her coffee table that was originally her mom’s – one of the only family pieces you’ll find in Diana’s home.

“I don’t put a lot of emotional value on objects, but my mom has a lot of mid-century modern furniture pieces I love, but she moved to a modern-meets-country acreage home.” So they’re now hers. #Winning.


The living room bleeds off into the kitchen and dining space – an all-white kitchen with high-gloss cabinetry, white quartz counter tops and a soft grey stacked subway tile backsplash. On the counter you’ll find the usual suspects: coffee maker, fruit bowl, paper towels, wine (huzzah!), but they’re not just there, they are THERE, displayed in the Diana Tidswell, 204 Park way.


“I did it up for a photoshoot and never took it down. I expected James would slowly put things away, but he never did!”

The island is one of our favourite subtle accents – lining the entire length of the kitchen, it features white waterfall counters with a natural walnut wood accenting the façade of the island. The beautiful wood and metal bar stools and hourglass-shaped pendant lights are the perfect accents to dress up her gorgeously simple kitchen.

Dining Nook:

The dining nook is one of the first things we noticed when we stepped into her home. The striking black walls stand out from a mile away; they’re the only walls painted in her house, and they’re a lovely statement. Absolutely stunning! A crisp white round table sits on top of a bold pink Moroccan area rug.

“I love the area rug in there, so I just suffered the consequences of James. He was like “Pink?!” but no, he loves it… but he’ll only admit it to me,” she said laughing.

Photo by: Tracey Jazmin.

Perhaps one of our favourite pieces of her nook is the brass bar car that stands out against the dark walls. The shape, colour, and scale of this cart is the perfect accent for this space!

“That was SUCH a great find from The Brick!”

Click here to have a look at the many different ways she has styled it, on her blog!

Master Bedroom:

When we went upstairs Diana first took us to her bedroom. It’s a fresh space with a zen feel – just the way a bedroom should be. Diana and James sleep on a low bed, “Herman can’t jump on any of our furniture… everyone laughs and asks if we got this bedframe for Herman, and I won’t lie, it was a consideration!”


No two things are the same in her bedroom (except for the night stands), which is what we love. What is on each night stand differs from each other, which we think adds to the overall charm of her room.

“I got that lamp from Homesense, and I wish I bought the other one!”

Her dressers are decorated with functional items, like perfumes, lotions and jewelry but are perfectly displayed and layered with art and greenery.

The bedroom walls are also decorated with said functional items: hats!

“James came home one day and asked ‘Why are there hats on the wall?’ she explained laughing.” She loves them, and we love them too – so much so I am going to borrow this idea for my own home! The hats are hung up with removable 3M hooks which means they’re a trendy statement, but like we said, functional!! Love it.


Pink pink pink pink pink!… and a hint of gold.

“This is the one room where I get out my PINK!”

The office is fun and girly, a space Diana loves, which is important when you spend so much time in it. It may look finished to the human eye, but to Diana’s designer eye, there’s still lots of work that needs to be done.
“I have the materials to do a DIY acrylic whiteboard… but that’s a winter project.”


We like to think that design work is a marathon not a race – and Diana’s home is proof of that. The modern and bold style showcased in her home is the perfect reflection of her own personal style.

Her home, although well thought out and articulated, allows her to change, create, and have fun with new and fresh ideas… to her, it will never be finished. As her sense of style develops and new work projects arise, her home will be continually evolving to reflect this.

Thanks for letting us tour your home Diana! ❤ ❤

Click here to read Diana’s interview with Apartment Therapy!!

Until our next post, Jessica & Elysia ❤


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