Holiday: St. Patrick’s Doodle-Table

Whether you’re going out for green beers or celebrating at home with your minis, St. Patrick’s Day is worth celebrating! This kid-friendly, doodle-friendly party table can be re-created for any holiday, but was especially fun for this Irish day because you can draw little leprechaun feet running across the table (an idea that was inspired from my elementary school), and let’s face it… what kid doesn’t love drawing on the furniture.

Start by wrapping your table in brown packaging paper – I got mine at Dollarama. Leave a couple inches on the ends of the table, fold down the paper along the edge of the table then take scissors and cut fringe. From there it’s really yours to create! I drew three and four leaf clovers (you’ll have to pardon my questionable art ‘skills’) as place settings then positioned the rest of my decor accordingly. Most of my decor is from Party City, and the banner is from Target, but Homesense always has goodies like that!

Here’s a look at my fun kid-friendly, doodle-friendly St. Patrick’s day party table.


Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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